Which products are stocked in the charity snack boxes?

A fantastic range of the highest quality Muffins, Flapjacks, Cookies, Crunch Bars, Shortbread Fingers. We also add a selection of Nuts and Confectionery.

What are the advantages of having a charity snack box in the work place?

There are several benefits to supplying staff with high quality snacks

  • Boost productivity and avoid downtime. If you’ve got a snack box, staff won’t need to leave work for treats.
  • Support your local hospice or charity.
  • Snacks improve productivity in the workplace when energy is getting low.
  • Oast House Farm Snacks doesn’t charge you to display our snack boxes.
  • No contracts to sign and we don’t hold the company responsible for any losses.
  • Convenience. We take care of the box and the stocking of the snacks.
  • If you have a sweet box in your business why not compliment it with a snack box.
  • Our snack boxes support local hospices and local charities . You will be supporting your local community.

What areas does Oast House Farm Cover?

Our charity snack boxes currently serve

West Sussex

East Sussex



South East London




Milton Keynes





Stevenage / Welwyn Garden City







we are rolling out our business model nationally and If you are interested in looking at our Snack Box franchise opportunity why not view of Snack Box Franchise page and request a prospectus.

How much do the snacks cost?

Just £1 each for confectionery, Nuts and Nibbles and Just £1.20 for Cakes and Bakes.

Who is responsible for the snack box and its contents?

Oast House Farm Snacks are fully responsible for the Snack box and its contents
All we ask is that the workplace staff pay for what they have taken.

How often will you service our Snack box?

We will service your snack box as often as needed. Our average cycle is a visit every 10 working days, leaving you enough stock for the cycle. If you think you’ll use more product, we can leave more than one box.

What if our box is empty and we need a refill sooner?

Call or email us! We’ll restock as soon as possible