Why invest in a Snack Box Franchise ?

Buying a franchise or starting any new venture is a big decision for many people particularly if they have never been in business before. The most motivating factor in most cases though is always the Life style that a business owner would like to achieve through running their own company.

Many people are motivated by the return on investment they can make by working hard and developing a profitable business. Others love the fun of the business they are in and the feeling of creating something from zero and taking it through to a success story that they can be really proud of. With your own business you also get independence, both financial and personal, and the freedom to work the hours you want to work with the time and flexibility to enjoy the fruits of your labour. Family security is also a driving goal for all of us and your own business can help ensure this off the back of your hard work and commitment.

A franchise helps short cut the pitfalls of a new business as you are investing in a proven concept with on going support from your franchisor. This can be invaluable, as a mentor helping you with the business rather than in the business, gives you that total control with all the guidance required to help ensure your success.

The Oast House Farm Snack business is very special in that from the very start you do not need to take on board large fixed costs such as leases and heavy capital equipment and can simply use your own vehicle or a small van to run the business from day one. You do not rely on the customer coming to you as you go to the customer.

You need to add enthusiasm, drive, hard work and commitment to the system and in the months ahead you will build an amazing repeat business with a friendly and loyal and honest customer base.